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En Piste! and Creation Award

After the success of previous editions, "En Piste!" is entering its eighth season and marks the start of the new school year at the Boverie.

This carte blanche given to the galleries and art centres of the Liège region enables the public to see the work of a large number of artists and to appreciate the dynamism of the visual arts sector through the diversity of its proposals.

The exhibition will be held from 26 August to 4 September 2022 and will bring together some thirty participants:

ABC & Design, Art studio Gallery, Buronzu Gallery, Cell10b Art Gallery, Créahm, Espace 251 Nord, Espace Galerie Flux, Espace Jean Thomanne, Galerie 23, Galerie Centrale, Galerie Christine Colon, Galerie Clair Obscur, Galerie de Wegimont, Galerie Le Parc, Galerie Les Drapiers, Galerie Liehrmann, Galerie Orpheu, Galerie Satellite, L'Enseigne, L'Inventaire, La Châtaigneraie, Le Comptoir du Livre, Les Amis de Roger Jacob, Musée en plein air du Sart-Tilman, OYOU (Centre culturel de Marchin), Province of Liège (Fondation Province of Liège pour l'Art et la Culture, Collection artistique et Artothèque Chiroux), Quai 4 gallery, Space Collection and Traces Galerie.

Admission to the exhibition is free.

The Operation en Piste! will also be an opportunity to present to the public the work of the artists selected for the 13th edition of the Prix de la Création, in 2021.

The aim of this prize is to reward the development of a Liège artist in the various forms of expression of contemporary art.

Painting, sculpture, graphic arts, installations, photography, video... are all possible discoveries.

4 artists have been selected by the jury to be exhibited in the context of en Piste 2022!  In addition to the winners Sébastien Plevoets (1st prize) and Sarah Minutillo (2nd prize), Vanessa Cao and Martin Chaumont will present their creations in the glass roof of the Museum.