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Young artists' space - Emotional choreography

Maria Vita Goral - Emotional choreography 02/06 - 31/07



"What about you? Through harmony, observation, freedom, agony... do you dance?"

The sculptural installation Emotional Choreography is first and foremost a re-creation of the self that makes sense of one's own history, intelligence or emotional experience and offers reflections on the essential and unique process.

Emotions are the source of movement: looks, gestures, grace, dynamism, dance-customs, various expressions, which in the body research are contained in the chosen objects present in the installation.

This project invites self-choreography to transform into an intimate and sensitive language the emotions that are experienced during life and perhaps beyond.

The expression of emotions makes it possible to specify the moments of personal truth in a world in full mutation.

Maria Vita Goral

An urban performance by Lisa Charlier will take place during the opening on June 1st at 6pm